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Our Services

Thanks to our long experience in robotics, Atlantis can assist companies, giving a conscientious and professional advice when purchasing a new or used ROV.

Our services include:

Service as an intermediary for the purchase of the ROV;

Service FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests): The service FAT consists of three phases, to ensure the proper functioning of the vehicle;

➢ Phase 1: Visual inspection of all electrical / mechanical composing the ROV;
➢ Phase 2 (Dry Test): Test insulation of umbilical, to see the degree of dispersion if the test is successful you will turn on the ROV and testing of all sensors;
➢ Phase 3 (Wet Test): The ROV will be lowered into the water to test the operation of the sealing gaskets and to see if the LIM working.

Creating a packing list of all the sensors mounted on the ROV;

Logistics and dispatch coordinated by our office at our expense;

First installation and testing ROV and workshop on board of the vessel ;

Support to the activation of insurance coverage for the ROV;

Support to the activation of an insurance against accidents for technical staff;

Creating a packing list of all critical spares, including the ROV needs;

Support the purchase of all critical spares part;

Support prengineering the first job;

1 active number dedicated to solving the technical problems of the ROV and logistical support

2 ROV pilots certified and insured, for maintenance and piloting ROV

10% discount on the course with certification IMCA ROV pilots.



Our engineers have extensive experience in the operation and repair of ROV systems, especially SAAB Seaeye, Argus and Schilling FMD equipment.We are excited to now be expanding our ROV services to include equipment repair and servicing.

We provide a fast turnaround service for equipment with a normal turnaround time of 5 working days on all repairable PCB boards. Time for the repair of other equipment will be quoted on as soon as diagnostics are completed.

20150824_121803We are capable of repairing most PCB boards including SAAB Seaeye Thruster control PCB 6034P and fuse cards PCB 6149P which due to wear and tear often fail.

We also offer a test and return service for PCB’s which may have been sat on a shelf for an extended period or are of unknown condition.



Upon arrival in our workshop facility we will:

-Initially test the unit and produce a quote for the repair.

-Carry out the repair and fully test the equipment

-Ship the unit back to you at a speed and cost which suits your need.


We provide a high quality service at competitive prices.Our aim is to service your companies vision by providing the best support available to assist with reducing lead times on repairs and keeping your systems running at maximum efficiency.



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