new“New Economy”

Atlantis Deep Sea arises from new economy concept and can be defined as a 2.0 services company. Thanks to a single legal head office in Malta we are able to interconnect professionals in the field worldwide that can collaborate and communicate with internet. This allow us to eliminate the company operating costs giving to the final client a good service with a more competitive price.

icon-environment-png“Enviromental friendly”

We are a company that look at the present, building for the future.Working closely to the sea, we put at the center of our policy the respect of marine environment and its rules.
In our company’s DNA is present the gene of Sustainability which is why we use a Category 3 oil to reduce marine pollution.Atlantis preserves the environment and respects its laws, allowing them to ensure a better future for coming generations.

number0“Zero down time”

To reduce the risk of stop work we have a performant vehicle  produced by major companies and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

ingranaggi“Spare parts”

We have three spare kit available to avoid lack of spare parts. Our R.O.V. “Argus Rover” is a machine that works 24 hours a day without stopping at a maximumdepth of 500 mt. This allow us to complete tasks that can not be done by divers today.


S“Our uniqueness”

“Experience” gained in years of work in this sector, including electrical R.O.V. of small dimensions and big hydraulic R.O.V. such as work class. Moreover our team consists of  technicians specialized in electronics, computers and hydraulics, so we are able to modify our R.O.V. for our customer requirements and needs.



We define Atlantis Deep Sea:
Experience and abilities at the service of our clients, preserving the environment!

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