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Atlantis Deep Sea Ltd is the first and only ROV Academy  in Malta with the aim of training the “ROV Pilots of Tomorrow”. Atlantis is member of important world institution - MTS (Marine Technology Society) and SUT (Society for Underwater Technology).The course will follow the IMCA's directives, will run for 7 Days on a monthly basis. ROV Pilot course will be held from Atlantis' Maritime Assessor / ROV SPV, at the end of the course, the Maritime Assessor will certify the hours and the competence of each cadet on personal IMCA Logbook and each cadet will receive a ROV Pilot certificate.

The course follow the IMCA Guide Line

  • IMCA10171 Central Guidance Document.

  • IMCAR002 Entry Level.

  • IMCAR04 ROV Pilot Technician Grade II.

Course topics:

  • R/R04/000/01/01 Safety Awareness.

  • R/R04/000/01/02 Teamwork and Co-operation.

  • R/R04/000/01/03 Emergency Procedures.

  • R/R04/000/01/04 ROV Systems.

  • R/R04/000/01/05 Piloting Skills.

  • R/R04/000/01/06 Preventative Maintenance.

  • R/R04/000/01/07 Safe Operating Techniques.

  • R/R04/000/01/08 Navigational Ability.

  • R/R04/000/01/09 Administration.

  • R/R04/000/01/10 Technical Ability.


Practice Program:


Practice program is based on the Atlantis' Procedures and Modules.

The practical tests, we will produce the relevant documents both print and video.

  • Permit to work.

  • Planned maintenance.

  • Tool box talk (TBT).

  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA).

  • Pre Dive.

  • Daily Program Report (DPR).

  • Video Log.

  • Dive Log.

  • Operate the winch.

  • Operate the crane.

  • Launching the ROV.

  • Piloting the ROV on different scenario.

  • Recovery ROV.

Atlantis Deep Sea is part of istitution as: SUT , MTS and IDSSC and thanks to support ,feedback and informations from important company as : IMENCO, Tecpro, PSW Group etc. we created this ROV Course . To mantaine an high level course with high standard, at last step there will be an audit . The Maritime Assesor will verify the skills and knowledge of each cadet and will assign the score from a minimum value to a maximum, that will be shown on the diploma. Our goal is not to sell certificates but to create specialized personnel who can immediately find work. The score will be useful for companies to better identify the potential of each cadet. In addition the maritime assessor will write a "Letter of Reference" for the cadets who will receive the highest marks.


When the Audit is finish each cadet will receive:


13 Hours of Piloting certified and signed on LogBook.

7 Days of Subsea Operations certified on LogBook.

1 IMCA LogBook.

1 ROV Pilot certificate of grade II.

1 Appraisal from Maritime Assessor.

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