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Thanks to our long experience in robotics, Atlantis can assist companies, giving a conscientious and professional advice when purchasing a new or used ROV.

Our services include:
Service as an intermediary for the purchase of the ROV;
Service FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests): The service FAT consists of three phases, to ensure the proper functioning of the vehicle;

  • Phase 1: Visual inspection of all electrical / mechanical composing the ROV;

  • Phase 2 (Dry Test): Test insulation of umbilical, to see the degree of dispersion if the test is successful you will turn on the ROV and testing of all sensors;

  • Phase 3 (Wet Test): The ROV will be lowered into the water to test the operation of the sealing gaskets and to see if the LIM working.

Creating a packing list of all the sensors mounted on the ROV;
Logistics and dispatch coordinated by our office at our expense;
First installation and testing ROV and workshop on board of the vessel;
Support to the activation of insurance coverage for the ROV;
Support to the activation of an insurance against accidents for technical staff;
Creating a packing list of all critical spares, including the ROV needs;
Support the purchase of all critical spares part;
Support prengineering the first job;
1 active number dedicated to solving the technical problems of the ROV and logistical support
2 ROV pilots certified and insured, for maintenance and piloting ROV
10% discount on the course with certification ROV pilots.

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